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Flooring Options for a Child’s Room

Flooring Options for Your Child’s Room

How important is it that you choose a durable flooring options for your child’s room?

Children are naturally rowdy, especially kids in the toddler stage? They love scooting around and playing on the floor with their trucks or their doll houses.

If the floor covering is not up to this, then you’d surely have to replace the flooring every now and then and spend a small fortune for it!

The Different Types of Flooring Options for a Child’s Room

There are different flooring options a parent can choose from:


Carpet is a good flooring for a kid’s room because it’s soft and fluffy, so even if your child falls down, he won’t get as hurt as when falling on a hard floor.

Carpet is also warm, which makes it a good option during winter. However, parents should stay away from carpet if their child has asthma or are allergic to dust. Carpets are very good dust gatherers, and the hair from the carpet can also add to the dust volume in the room.


Possibly the biggest advantage to wood floors is that their look never goes out of style. They have this classic look that also goes well with modern design, so it doesn’t really matter what interior design you have in the room.

Another advantage of wood is that they can last for a long time, but that may not apply with kids running and playing over it, so you really have to think whether you want wood for your child’s room as this can be very expensive.

Other parents choose using an area rug over it so they get to use wood floor and have it protected at the same time.


Bamboo is a great alternative to wood. It gives you almost the same look, but for half the price. Bamboo is one of the latest green flooring options to hit the market, and it’s popularity has grown over the years.

Bamboo floors are naturally pest-resistant and require no dangerous pesticides, making it a great option for a child’s room.

More Great Flooring Options


Cork is one of the greatest flooring options. It’s naturally anti-microbial, anti-allergens and is a comfortable, safe play surface for children.

Coming from the bark of the cork oak tree, this is a great option for parents looking for  eco-friendly flooring for their kid’s room. 

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